U.S. Standard
Units to Metric

U.S. Standard Units to Metric measurements conversion

Area conversion

Square metres to square feet Square feet to square metres

Temperature conversion

Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees
Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees

Speed conversion

Kilometres per hour
to miles per hour
Miles per hour
to kilometres per hour

Mass conversion

Ounces to Kilograms Kilograms to ounces
Ounces to grams Grams to ounces
Ounces to pounds Pounds to ounces
Kilograms to pounds Pounds to kilograms
Grams to kilograms Kilograms to grams
Grams to pounds Pounds to grams
Metric tons to kilograms Kilograms to metric tons
Metric tons to pounds Pounds to metric tons

Volume conversion

Gallons to litres Litres to gallons
Quarts to millilitres Millilitres to quarts
Quarts to litres Litres to quarts
Fluid ounces to millilitres Millilitres to fluid ounces
Fluid ounces to litres Litres to fluid ounces
Fluid ounces to quarts Quarts to fluid ounces
Pints to litres Litres to pints
Pints to millilitres Millilitres to pints
Pints to fluid ounces Fluid ounces to pints

Lenght conversion

Inches to centimetres Centimetres to inches
Inches to metres Metres to inches
Inches to millimetres Millimetres to inches
Inches to yards Yards to inches
Feet to metres Metres to feet
Feet to inches Inches to feet
Feet to centimetres Centimetres to feet
Feet to decimetres Decimetres to feet
Feet to yards Yards to feet
Millimetres to feet Feet to millimetres
Millimetres to decimetres Decimetres to millimetres
Millimetres to metres Metres to millimetres
Millimetres to centimetres Centimetres to millimetres
Metres to centimetres Centimetres to metres
Metres to decimetres Decimetres to metres
Metres to yards Yards to metres
Metres to kilometres Kilometres to metres
Decimetres to centimetres Centimetres to decimetres
Decimetres to inches Inches to decimetres

U.S. Standard
Units to Metric

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